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We accept HUSKY Health and most major insurance plans.

Gentle and Dedicated Oral Health Professionals

At Tooth Time Dentistry, our caring and compassionate team offers various dental treatments and services.

We aim to make every visit a fun and positive experience for both adults and children.

What We Do

After a comprehensive exam, we create an individualized treatment plan tailored to each of our patients’ needs. We will then perform the necessary procedures. These may include extractions, X-rays, and tooth fillings.

Easing Our Patient's Anxiety with NITROUS OXIDE

Our dentists have the expertise to take care of children with complex treatment needs. We also use nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, to help ease both kids and adults who have high levels of anxiety.

Going to the dentist is not something most people look forward to. At Tooth Time Dentistry, we make it a point to be extra friendly and attentive to our patients, no matter what age they may be. We aim to give you a great experience to lessen your fears.

Aside from English, some members of our team can speak Spanish and Korean.


Payment Options

We accept HUSKY Health and most major insurance plans.

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